Posted by: Jivani Lisa | August 3, 2016


vo·ca·tion  (v-kshn)  noun

1. A regular occupation, especially one for which a person is particularly suited or qualified.
2. An inclination, as if in response to a summons, to undertake a certain kind of work, especially a religious career; a calling.
This two-fold definition throws me for a loop.  On the one hand, I can’t get over the idea that God called me to be a nun and I somehow missed that calling.  My heart inclines to a life of prayer, silence, and solitude focused on God.  I naturally live a simple life that doesn’t require much money or possessions.  I love simple, thrift-store clothing (I hate shopping for clothes!) and long to wear the religious habit.  Yet, I’m horrible at the types of “work” done by nuns in monasteries:  cooking, sewing, singing, chanting.
I seem “particularly suited” to teaching exercise classes and Yoga classes.  However, I never felt “called” to such work.  I just fell into it.  I’d really rather not be doing it (most of the time) – yet, it’s my life.  I see that I’ve always been inclined toward physical activity, especially dancing.  Plus, I’m fascinating by bones, muscles, and the movements of the human body.
So – I do what I’d rather not be doing because I’m suited for it.  I wonder:  how many other people feel this way?  Does it even matter?
Are we better off just doing what we fall into naturally, or should we try to do what we feel “called” to do?  Please share your thoughts.


  1. How do you know that what you “fall into” is not a “calling”? Does anyone really “fall into” things by chance? Or is there a plan?

    • I think there must be some sort of higher “plan” that makes use of our natural gifts.

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