Posted by: Jivani Lisa | October 17, 2022

John’s “Final Flight”

According to John’s wishes, we scattered his ashes three miles off the coast of the Virginia/North Carolina border on the evening of Saturday, October 15th. John’s best friend, George, arranged a pilot and airplane to assist with this most holy mission.  We were supposed to take-off around 5PM, but ended up getting delayed for various reasons until 5:45.  This resulted in us seeing a spectacular sunset as we returned to the airport.  It was a very emotional experience.  George, a chaplain, offered prayer before we released the ashes.  I wore John’s headset (which you can see in the black bag in the photos).  John’s ashes were in a temporary box in a green bag. Please enjoy these beautiful photos.

When I shared the photos with friends, one of George’s friends commented it was a beautiful sunset “John sent.” I thought, Oh! Yeah, maybe John had influence on the timing of everything. 😃 Maybe that’s the real reason the flight was delayed. I hadn’t thought of that. But why not? It would be just like him to arrange that stunning sight in the clear evening sky as a “thank-you” to us. I’m quite sure he knew we were faithfully carrying out his wishes. We love you and miss you, John!


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