Posted by: John | July 12, 2016

Milky Way

Is there other life out there?
Where — In our little corner of the Milky Way.

Why do you care?
Maybe they know something we don’t,
Like What — how to kill better, or
how to live better.

So what can we do about our little corner of the Milky Way?

Posted by: John | July 7, 2016

How Many

How many donut holes
does it take to make one whole donut?
Is this a holy question?

Posted by: Lisa | July 6, 2016

Yoga Sestina

This poem was originally published at The Camel Saloon in January 2013.

Yoga paths make whole,
send our hearts reaching
out from bodies united
to mind, breath, energy.
We stretch arms, legs, center –
all for blossoms of clarity.

Physical aches and stress clear
away, and even heart’s holes
are healed. Our centeredness
flows from opposites reaching
then blending. Energetic
bodies grow toward union.

Finite minds see unity
with Cosmic Mind; cleared
breath brings life-energy
and mental wholeness.
Contentment at last: a reach,
a handshake, with our true center.

Rambling thoughts are centered;
desperate regrets, fears reunited
with inner peace. Vistas reached
via persistence; wide clearings
bring options and fill holes
opened by misused energies.

Physically, mentally re-energized,
we remember our center:
Honoring the soul makes us whole.
We realize yoga means union
(with God). Our tangled paths clear,
reveal the goal within reach.

Pointless desires drift from reach
of fickle hearts. Our energies
refocus new-found clarity:
Live for God, from our soul-center
to manifest ever-true unity,
the wholeness of holiness.

God’s love reaches us with clarity
to make whole our divided energy:
Our heart-center rests in unity.

Posted by: John | June 30, 2016


No breeze for my wind chimes;
No reason for my rhymes —
Have I outlived my times?
Am I ready for other climes?

Posted by: John | June 22, 2016


Time’s portraits take time…
Walmart is going to start selling
hand grenades. Crow’s feet
around the eyes come
from both trials and smiles.

Posted by: John | June 14, 2016


I am who I am.
You are who you are.
let us see who we can be.

Posted by: Lisa | June 11, 2016


Pregnant with joy and bursting
with love, this world now filled
with possibilities never imagined:
new colors, sounds, scents.
Delicious flavors tease
my tongue. Tingling skin,
quivering belly. My love —
Every joy-filled breath I take
is a baby born of my union
with you. Every ecstatic moment
is a miraculous new universe
spreading gratitude.

Posted by: John | May 29, 2016


When I let things get to me
and checking out begins
to appear a viable option —
I think of slipping a little
yellow Piper Cub out of a blue
sky to a landing amid the green
fields. I want to fly.
I want to live.


Posted by: John | May 27, 2016

I Ask

Now and then
Tao and Zen
How and when

Posted by: Lisa | May 22, 2016

Yoga Means

Yoga means union
with the Divine
experienced as deep
joy, ecstasy, bliss,
happiness in life.
All this!
Those moments —
fleeting or more —
of freedom
from the modulations
of the mind:
Wanting perfect proof,
wrong understanding,
sleep, and memory.
Abide in the union
of the inhale and
the exhale. Now.
All is found.

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