Posted by: John | May 29, 2016


When I let things get to me
and checking out begins
to appear a viable option —
I think of slipping a little
yellow Piper Cub out of a blue
sky to a landing amid the green
fields. I want to fly.
I want to live.


Posted by: John | May 27, 2016

I Ask

Now and then
Tao and Zen
How and when

Posted by: Lisa | May 22, 2016

Yoga Means

Yoga means union
with the Divine
experienced as deep
joy, ecstasy, bliss,
happiness in life.
All this!
Those moments —
fleeting or more —
of freedom
from the modulations
of the mind:
Wanting perfect proof,
wrong understanding,
sleep, and memory.
Abide in the union
of the inhale and
the exhale. Now.
All is found.

Posted by: Lisa | May 8, 2016

Mother’s Day 2016

Iris yellow, purple, white
Mother’s Day delight —
sparkle in sunlight
at water’s edge.
Clear, hopeful warmth of Spring:
Afternoon church bells ring
and avian families sing,
cheering as my dreams fledge.


Celebrate the feminine!
All that waits, holds, nurtures:
understanding humility with backbone.
Creativity springs from darkness
pierced by pure Light —
supported by Love and giving
birth to Love.


Hope is in the air now.
The scent of sunscreen cannot
block it. Playful screams
of children reveal it. Strolling
families explore this newborn world.


Just overhead
the jetliner flies out
of a fluffy heart-shaped cloud
into endless blue space.
Cupid shot my heart so long ago —
Ah! Joy spills out since I found you.

Posted by: Lisa | April 28, 2016


Bonded to my other half
out there and in here, yes —
blissed-out all day and night

Posted by: Lisa | April 22, 2016

The Sacrifice

Beside the attentive eye
and clear ear of mother heron
this sacrificed infant
divides three ways, into
blood and smoke and soul.
Don’t ask why. Or even how.
The earth’s hidden caves,
percolated stone, keep
leaching away her minerals
so stalactites feed
stalagmites — their marriage
a beauty to behold. Truth:
this majestic column born
of sacrifice freely given.

Posted by: Lisa | March 22, 2016

Not Fooled

Ah! To be seen, heard,
validated in feelings,
made to exclaim:
It’s true! I’m not crazy!
Yes, my way of perceiving
my treatment is just fine
after all.
Others, they have their own
reasons for remembering
as they do: They have
their image to uphold
at least to themselves.
Me, I’m not fooled anymore.

Posted by: Lisa | March 20, 2016


“The voice of the LORD makes the oak trees writhe
and strips the forests bare.”
(Psalm 29:8)

Ravish me, O LORD!
Make me bow before Your voice —
and sing Your praises.
Amen! AUM… AUM… AUM…

Posted by: Lisa | March 8, 2016

At Once

To merge or to murder;
to do both at once.
It’s true love and true
hate — a union
of opposites realized
in grace. Holding
the tension builds space
for workings of fate.
Spirit, O Spirit,
breathe upon my face!
Open the gate
to moonlit rivers
converging at their
own pace — at once.

Posted by: Lisa | February 21, 2016

Too Much Fun

Dammit, she said,
Never get too excited
or too joyful —
or have too much fun–
with any human
relationship. Including
those that exist
in fantasy realms.
They’re mere set-ups
for severe pain.

Yes, I agreed,
but without death
there’s no resurrection.
Ah, life

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