Posted by: Lisa | October 9, 2017


Right here, now, the time
to listen: My heart opens
in nourishing silence
as each step I take blossoms
with the words, I am home.

I am breathed by Life.
My task each moment
is mindfulness of the breath
which ebbs and flows, exists
as the eternal tides within,
embraces both waves and foam.

Little daily consolations morph
easily into desolations when I cling
in desperation to mortal love.
My heart, though, longs for something
more, and can be taught not to roam.

Love expresses in five languages.
For me, it’s about time – oh yes,
quality time: Being, appreciating, offering
smiles and companionship. Making connections
in conscious caring, love beacons to dear
ones as the cathedral’s golden dome.

We understand each other since we have
the same needs: freedom, protection, identity,
affection, leisure and more. I am a link in this human
chain capable of extending outward and holding others
in deep respect. My eyes, heart and soft speech say:
Welcome home.

Posted by: John | September 17, 2017

In the End

I’ve concluded all
that matters is what you do
for others that you did not have to do
and no matter how hard things
may be going for you, there’s someone
in worse shape. Try
to find them and help them.

Posted by: John | September 2, 2017


If you think you’re humble, you’re not.
You’ve got to know what you’ve got.
If you have to compare, you shouldn’t compare.
If you think you’re humble, you’re not.

Posted by: Lisa | August 29, 2017

Tropical Storm

Sheets of water fly by
Fire Station number Seven
All windows closed up tight
against gale force winds.
No fighting fires this day
but praying to keep rising
waters at bay.
Chaotic forces at play, stirring
earth and white-washed, misty heaven.
Fleets of cars creep by in lines
trusting drivers and horse power.
But each moment ever guided
by Spirit, Truth and Right.

Posted by: John | July 23, 2017

What’s Left

Velcroed schemes and forgotten dreams
are all that’s left of life it seems.

Posted by: John | July 20, 2017


Trump was the president
I didn’t know why
He was arrogant and ugly
and everything he said was a lie.

Posted by: John | July 16, 2017


Sometimes while meditating
I think if I were a cat
I would be purring.

Posted by: John | July 13, 2017

What I Have to Offer

At the end of the day
may I have more “thank you’s”
to offer than “fuck you’s.”

Posted by: John | July 11, 2017


We must heed:
It is greed and not need
that make the deed.
Yes, indeed.

Posted by: Lisa | June 1, 2017


yin yangThis orb, orange and blue,
sun and moon – yet an eye
appears to be – streams
through space and time,
a perfect balance, harmony,
of fire and water. Yes,
a union of opposites living
within and without. See.

All that can be perceived has but one main purpose:
to be perceived. (Yoga Sutra 2:21)

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