Posted by: John | July 23, 2017

What’s Left

Velcroed schemes and forgotten dreams
are all that’s left of life it seems.

Posted by: John | July 20, 2017


Trump was the president
I didn’t know why
He was arrogant and ugly
and everything he said was a lie.

Posted by: John | July 16, 2017


Sometimes while meditating
I think if I were a cat
I would be purring.

Posted by: John | July 13, 2017

What I Have to Offer

At the end of the day
may I have more “thank you’s”
to offer than “fuck you’s.”

Posted by: John | July 11, 2017


We must heed:
It is greed and not need
that make the deed.
Yes, indeed.

Posted by: Lisa | June 1, 2017


yin yangThis orb, orange and blue,
sun and moon – yet an eye
appears to be – streams
through space and time,
a perfect balance, harmony,
of fire and water. Yes,
a union of opposites living
within and without. See.

All that can be perceived has but one main purpose:
to be perceived. (Yoga Sutra 2:21)

Posted by: Lisa | May 28, 2017

Memorial Day 2017

We also remember those in biblical times and modern times that died in spiritual battles in Jesus’ name.  We remember all those before us who are now Saints​ cheering us on…..

The Catholic Church calls this the communion of saints.  It includes all those, living and dead, who are soldiers for Christ.  Spiritual battles are more real than any other type of battle because they are going on all the time.  Even in Yoga, we have a series of “warrior” poses that build strength, flexibility, stamina, and balance – to enable us to fight.  I’ve had students ask me why we have warrior poses when Yoga is supposed to be about peace and love.  Well, it’s because of the spiritual battles that we need to be strong enough to fight.

Yes, we remember all those who have battled on earth and are now with Christ cheering us on.  If they did it, we gain courage to believe we can do it, too, when we stay connected to the Lord.  He is the vine, we are the branches.

There are people among us walking around feeling suicidal for years without acting on the thoughts/urges.  THAT is an intense spiritual battle!  These soldiers know that suicide would be the easy way out.  It would be running from the battle, going AWOL.

May we stay and fight for as long as the Lord keeps us here.

Posted by: John | April 12, 2017

Win or Lose

Hen pecked and rooster bruised
No matter how we pick and choose
Sometimes we win, sometimes we lose.
We go thru life without clues.

Posted by: John | March 17, 2017

Sanctuary II

Can the silence of the sanctuary serve to shape
my soul to soar to greater heights?
Or will I sink to even lower levels in my life?
I’ll explore surrender rather than a fight.

Posted by: John | March 2, 2017

Special Navy

Did you know that Perdue – the chicken company – has its own navy?
Yep. Chicken ships.

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