Posted by: Jivani Lisa | October 1, 2022


I was looking through old emails I’d saved from John today.  I came across this piece he wrote for me in 2010.  He called it “Pome” because that’s the way I tend to pronounce the word “poem.”

Thought I’d seen it all. Thought love was just a four-letter word as Dylan said. Thought God was just the glue that held everything together. Thought simplicity and austerity were only for those who could afford no more. Thought sincerity and spirituality were for another place and time. Thought sensuality was only on a tape or in my mind. Thought conversation existed only in my head. Never wondered about being dead. Thought no one else could see God in a thermal or in a crescent moon. Thought no one could find peace flying with me. Thought a lifetime of flying had left me nothing but logbooks full of hours. The mouth-to-mouth resuscitation you gave brought me back to life in more ways than one.

Your backpack and your scarf. Your smile that would disarm the devil. Your bright inquisitive eyes. Your Mountain Pose as you listen to my stuff. Thought I was a child of the sixties, a rebel all my life. Then the woman who might have loved me I never knew who was born in the sixties comes into my life and restores a reason for my being.


“. . . woman who might have loved me I never knew” is from The Eagles song “Take it to the Limit.”  He loved that! 

I miss you, John! Keep soaring free!


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