Posted by: Jivani Lisa | January 27, 2015

A Longing Fulfilled

“Hope deferred makes the heart sick,
but a longing fulfilled is a tree of life.”
(Proverbs 13:12)

Oh cry and cry some more
but no one comes, no one
even hears or cares.
Comfort yourself
with the colorful fish
mobile just out of reach,
the pink cotton blanket
against your tear-stained
cheek and hungry mouth.
Hopelessness churns
the stomach, but perhaps
one more smile can
capture mother’s love.

Surely something, something
must make her pay attention.
Roll over again. Kick
and clap and giggle –
she likes that, or at least
she did. Once. Even twice.
Now – learn to enjoy
the patterns on the ceiling.
Alone for hours. Or
maybe even days….

After so many years,
surprise! Someone sees,
but you fear to believe
this fairy tale called
unconditional love that frees.
Your needs, weaknesses
do not crush respect –
they even help it grow.
Surprise! This is real.
In truth, you’re respected
and seen as you, guided
to climb the tree of life.
White blossoms dance
in the warm breeze
and reflect noontime sun.
Dry your tears.
You ARE.

What are your thoughts?

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