Posted by: Jivani Lisa | January 24, 2015

Through Open Space

Continue the journey through this open space.
Walk, run, and sometimes even float
Where uncertainty promises great grace.

Broken hearts begin healing in the face
Of new adventures, paths beyond the rote.
So continue journeying through open space.

Running at times, still it’s not a race.
Temps can be hot or require a heavy coat
Where uncertainty promises great grace.

That bend in the road seems a familiar place
Yet a closer look reveals this higher note:
“Continue the journey through open space.”

The oak tree invites us to pause, to brace
Our aching backs a while, content to gloat.
But uncertainty promises great grace.

Faith and just a bit of effort embrace
Conveying us in their sturdy river-boat.
We continue the journey through open space
Because uncertainty promises great grace.

What are your thoughts?

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