Posted by: Jivani Lisa | October 23, 2014


While on my recent quarterly retreat at Richmond Hill, a lady I’d never met expressed surprise that a Roman Catholic would make a retreat at an ecumenical retreat center.  Besides the fact that there are no longer any Catholic retreat centers in SE Virginia (my own neck of the woods) since the Diocese of Richmond has shut them all down, I actually enjoy being in an ecumenical atmosphere.  Surprise!  Not all Catholics are hell-bent on exclusivity, setting themselves apart from and above everyone else.  I refer to myself as a Hindu-Buddhist-Christian anyway.  What does it matter?  God sees my intentions.  God loves me and I love God – and from that place of love, I do my best to complete the work God gives me to do each day.  That’s really all anyone can do, right?  It’s all good.  May we all be One in God – Who is One!

What are your thoughts?

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