Posted by: John | August 9, 2013


I worked on military computers much of my life and saw them develop.  I learned the difference between digital and analog way back when.  Now I’ve come to feel digital is the ultimate objective effort.  Analog is the subjective.  I know that Extended Memory Technology has so greatly expanded the use of computers in our culture.  With more memory we can do algorithms to the Nth degree and add more pixels to further enhance our visual displays.  Regardless of the search engine used, as soon as the first letter is typed, you’re given an immediate choice of words.  I feel like I’m dealing with an adolescent or a smart-ass trying to impress me with all they know, how much memory they have.  Sometimes I think they’re trying to make me look stupid.  The analog memories in poetry are subjective:  friends and lovers, growing up, the things that made us who we are.  I love the Joe Walsh song, Analog Man.  The computer is a tool but it doesn’t have all the answers.   We still must go into ourselves, our analog mind.

What are your thoughts?

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