Posted by: Jivani Lisa | July 17, 2013

Liberating Non-Attachment!

Lately, something’s different with me.  It might be my imagination, but it seems like I’ve slipped into a place of complete non-attachment to everybody and everything.  How liberating!  For years I’ve used the Buddhist practice of imagining my favorite possessions as already lost or broken (which is guaranteed to happen at some point) and my loved ones as gone or deceased (also guaranteed to happen).  This is not at all morbid.  It’s simply an acknowledgement of reality in this world.

Whenever something breaks, I think, “Oh well.”  If it’s an item I can do without, then I do without.  If it’s something I need for my day-to-day life, then I find a way to get another one.

Whenever I go away on retreat or vacation for a few days, I find that I really don’t miss anybody, anything, or any situation of my normal daily life.  On the other hand, when I return to my regular life routine, I don’t miss the retreat or vacation.  I seem to be living fully in the present moment – being and doing what’s necessary in each moment.

I wish I could explain how this happened, so everyone could find this place of peace and acceptance.  Perhaps it’s the fruit of sustained spiritual practice.  I don’t know if this state is permanent.  It may only be temporary – resulting from living a balanced life at this time.  What will happen when the balance is upset (which is inevitable) remains to be seen.

Stay tuned….

For more info on Impermanence and Non-attachment, see my posts:  Impermanence and Encounters with Francis.

What are your thoughts?

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