Posted by: Jivani Lisa | March 2, 2013

Inner Space

John came up with this:

Cyberspace broke my pace.
I’ve lost the race to my inner space.

This reminds me of how negative the internet can become in our lives.  Years ago, I gave up watching the news and reading newspapers because I saw how depressed I felt afterwards.  Internet news is no better.  Actually, it’s the comments to articles (whether news or opinion or whatever) that drive me crazy.  I’ll read a perfectly sane, articulate, well-balanced article on some hot-button subject such as the economy, politics or religion and then scroll down the page to read some of the reader comments.  People argue, blame and nit-pic without end.  Some comments are downright vicious.  I’m left feeling sad for the human race, afraid of the effects of narrow-mindedness.  Will we ever learn how to agree to disagree?  Can we listen to other people’s ideas and opinions without having to argue?  Will we ever learn the meaning of respect – and how to show respect to others?

John and I don’t own a TV so we don’t have to struggle (with ourselves) to turn it off.  However, the computer often needs to be turned off to maintain our sense of peace.

May we remember how good it feels to read a book.  Better yet, may we seek inner expansion and rest through Scripture reading, prayer and meditation.


  1. Amen to that!!!!!!

    • Thanks, Angela. Now I’m going to take my own advice. 🙂

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