Posted by: Jivani Lisa | November 21, 2012

Dispelling Darkness

John likes to call me a guruette.  He sees me as a guru, a spiritual teacher.  A true guru – a “dispeller of darkness” –  is one who has realized God and has the ability to guide disciples on their individual spiritual journeys.  A guru can be living in the flesh or a guru can be someone who has crossed over to the world of spirit but continues to guide disciples.

I consider myself a disciple of Paramahansa Yogananda.  I love his writings and feel that he often guides me – and yet I also wish I could be in his physical presence to benefit from his high spiritual vibrations.  I become discouraged when I feel alone on my spiritual journey.  I long to live in a place where I would be surrounded by people striving to live holy lives.

This morning, I spent time in prayer and spent time with a Bible study on the psalms.  During a quiet period at work, I read some of Yogananda’s teachings.  Reading his writings caused me to spontaneously pray:  “O Lord, please help me!  This place where you have put me is a spiritual wasteland.  Help!”

Immediately after this prayer, the phone rang.  A man asked, “Will you be offering a Yoga session today at 12:15?”

“Yes, indeed.”

“Wonderful.  I’ll be there.”

“Great.  See you soon.”

I hung up the phone, sat back in the chair and realized God had just given me a message:  Whether I think I’m living in a spiritual wasteland is irrelevant.  What matters is that I’m doing the work He has given me to do because there are many people in need of what I have to offer.  God only asks that I use my gifts – and trust Him to care for my nourishment.

Ah yes, Lord, I am doing what You ask.  I am doing my best for “the welfare of the city” to which You have sent me (as in Jeremiah 29:7).  Thank You, Lord, for dispelling my darkness.


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