Posted by: Jivani Lisa | November 20, 2012

Abiding With You (Ghazal)

My God, nothing in this world abides without You,
And even the loftiest ideas divide without You.

Every important-seeming human ambition
Stifles love and inflames pride without You.

Oh, You know, our memories and fears occupy us,
Choking the future and inspiring suicide without You.

In every place, parents and children lash out,
Husbands and wives tease and chide, without You.

Our bright bursts of creativity, even altruism,
We know in our hearts, must surely backslide without You.

Does it amuse You to remain so elusive –
Knowing there’s no cave for us to hide without You?

Sun, moon, stars, and asteroids above, circle on,
Knowing they can never die or collide without You.

Earth, trees, oceans and beasts go on praising You –
And no one declares them deified without You.

Lisa, or Elizabeth, means “consecrated to God” –
So my soul could never be a bride without You.

What are your thoughts?

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