Posted by: Jivani Lisa | October 14, 2012

Garden Poetry

Poetry inspired by time spent in the gardens at Richmond Hill this weekend:

amid rows of pine trees
we walked hand-in-hand,
safe under shady boughs –
specks of sunlight on needled ground.
peaceful, pine-scented air around
and copious opened cones at our feet;
no one to see, except God,
who had other plans for us both.


tiny gurgling fountain ripples
round algae-green pond,
reflects October sun

fleeting bubbles float –
just water and air –
vibrant, then pleased
to melt into earth and God


cool water, lily pads,
breeze-quivered stems,
my heart opens

nose-to-nose golden fish,
slim bodies, billowing fins,
creation blooms

What are your thoughts?

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