Posted by: John | October 20, 2011

Tidbits from Contemplation

A moment is right brain, a minute is left.  Why should we care if it’s the truth we can share?


Sometimes when I’m sitting and trying to meditate, I feel like I Googled my mind.


Isn’t it a shame?  Whenever we can’t explain, we give another god a name.


What if there’s no burning bush, no writing on the wall?  Where do you go to avoid a fall?


Sometimes when I get frustrated at the little annoyances of life, I think God or the Tao is playing games and laughing at me – like I might with a child or a pet. Then I think: if I were God or the Tao, why would I waste time fooling around with anyone so insignificant as myself?


Seek ye first your soul inside.  Then all other things shall be added unto you.


Let me melt into the moment, become one with the now.

What are your thoughts?

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