Posted by: Jivani Lisa | October 19, 2011

A Life of Service

This morning, while going about my work in the fitness center, I was overwhelmed with gratitude to be living a simple life of service.  My work involves greeting members, answering the phone, washing and folding towels, and tidying the locker rooms and workout areas.  Sometimes people walk in and inquire about joining the gym; sometimes people ask for help or advice with their workout routine.

While I tend to feel that my work is inconsequential, today I sensed my work making the world a better place.  The members who work out always leave the gym in a good mood – ready to share positive energy with strangers as well as coworkers, friends and family.  When I teach yoga, I know my students are taking good care of themselves mentally and spiritually as well as physically.  This helps them go back out into “the world” with inspiration to be their best in every situation.

I feel infinitely grateful to God for giving me the strength to work and support myself.  (I think I’d still feel grateful if and when the time comes when I must stop working for some reason.)  Although I don’t have much money, I have enough to survive – and I trust that if I’m in real need in any way, God will provide.

There are times when I wish I could be stronger and do “great things” in the world to help people in more significant ways.  Yet who’s to say that what I’m already doing isn’t significant?  I’m honored to love and serve people every day in the ways available to me. 

How about you?  In what ways are you blessed to share love and service in the world?

What are your thoughts?

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