Posted by: Jivani Lisa | October 5, 2010

God is Love

If God is love, then why do many followers of organized religion go around filled with hate, even starting and perpetuating wars in the name of God?

The short answer is:  Those people don’t really know God.  It’s not enough to go to church, mosque, synagogue and pray every day for a person to truly know God.  In fact, those things can actually keep a person AWAY from God if they are done with the wrong intentions.

God is love.  This means that a person who has experienced God deep within the soul is also filled with love.  Any thought, word, or deed tainted with hatred, greed or envy – anything that divides people – is not inspired by God.  This is the simple test:  Observe the way people treat each other.  Observe the way people talk about each other.  It’s easy to see who is inspired by God and who is not.

This means that we are not to judge one another.  God knows our hearts.  No single religion is favored by God.  Anyone who consistently speaks and acts from a loving heart, regardless of religious affiliation, is someone who knows God.  A true experience of God leaves a lasting impression on a person.  The person knows a Love that is indescribable – and wants to share that Love with everyone.

What are your thoughts?

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