Posted by: Jivani Lisa | October 9, 2017


Right here, now, the time
to listen: My heart opens
in nourishing silence
as each step I take blossoms
with the words, I am home.

I am breathed by Life.
My task each moment
is mindfulness of the breath
which ebbs and flows, exists
as the eternal tides within,
embraces both waves and foam.

Little daily consolations morph
easily into desolations when I cling
in desperation to mortal love.
My heart, though, longs for something
more, and can be taught not to roam.

Love expresses in five languages.
For me, it’s about time – oh yes,
quality time: Being, appreciating, offering
smiles and companionship. Making connections
in conscious caring, love beacons to dear
ones as the cathedral’s golden dome.

We understand each other since we have
the same needs: freedom, protection, identity,
affection, leisure and more. I am a link in this human
chain capable of extending outward and holding others
in deep respect. My eyes, heart and soft speech say:
Welcome home.

What are your thoughts?

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