Posted by: Jivani Lisa | December 29, 2015

The True Crown

bikerBrother Leo Campos and I collaborated — alternating stanzas — on this poem, based on the photo of me with the motorcycle and helmet:

Put on your veil as the hope of salvation.
Soft fabric, dainty faith;
Hope is not made of cotton or silk or lace
hope is a helmet, to win the race.

This life can breeze by like the scenery
as we speed along on the motorbike.
Be aware, and see the pair of bald eagles.
True faith makes this life a flight
of hope — an inspiring sight.

Beatific vision comes at night
When even the clouds hold still
Hovering like eagles in the breeze.
It is in stillness that we dance, he said.

And as the Lord of the Dance, he brings
opposites together, revealing
the stillness within movement.
Veils part to draw the true crown.

Crown of wisdom
Crown of life
Crown of unspeakable delight
Crowning, reigning
Still proclaiming
King of Glory, crown of thorns.



Photo of Lisa by Charles Linwood Clarke III, 12/25/15

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