Posted by: Jivani Lisa | February 27, 2015

Awaiting Invitation

Today we have a guest post.


Awaiting Invitation
by Leo Campos


as ego lets go
(Resignation is resistance)
Sitting like a yard table covered in snow
Allows room for


Arising that I cannot create
The key: completely, absolutely
Without reservation allowing
Divine power


To gain access to heart and mind.
The mind resigns; the heart surrenders.
Beyond the porch light
Immense darkness, unknown realities
A little light makes the visible yard real
Hides the trees, which hide forest life
This true power


Beyond small light
A great story of darkness
A great light – vast currents,
Hidden influences, possibilities.

Stretch, and hold that stretch
Into the full measure of your longing.
Be embraced by Love
the unknown context

that is

Your job is offering
To unknown currents
Eternal possibilities
A heartfelt surrender.

What are your thoughts?

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