Posted by: Jivani Lisa | February 4, 2015

Eyes and Truth

Eyes: The windows of the soul —
I looked into yours and saw nothing,
found no support. You didn’t know.
Indeed you never embraced your own
emptiness, the inability to give, to grow.
You pretended, but I knew the truth.

Then: My daughter stared deeply
into my eyes while I attempted
to feed her. Oh, the deep terror!
Having nothing to give, I fled.
Was my response not more honest
than yours? At least I knew the truth.

Now: I know what our Lord Jesus did
for Mary Magdalene. He healed her
through His gaze. Yes, He saw
her and loved her out of His stable
wholeness in eros, philos, agape.
I’m there, struggling to trust this Truth.

What are your thoughts?

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