Posted by: Jivani Lisa | December 16, 2014

Break Out

I glanced at the TV at the gym today and caught the tail end of some commercial.  For what, I don’t know.  A little boy, sitting at the dining room table in his house, blew bubbles into his milkshake, creating a bubble volcano that spilled over onto the table.  He smiled proudly at his creation.

I immediately thought:  If I’d done something like that as a kid, I’d have gotten the crap beat out of me.  Same with John.

Yet the little boy clearly experienced his own power, his own ability to DO something, to create something.  Wow.  I wonder what that would be like.  I wonder how I might see the world and my own abilities differently if I’d been allowed to experience my own creative abilities as a child.  Ah…

Break out of the box!
Build a pile of rocks.
Run, jump, yell –
hell, fly if you wish.
See potential each
moment in dirt,
in water. Sure,
it might look
like mud – but fish
dive deep, then fly
high. I know since
my creativity
drew them out,
threw them to new
worlds of delight
in depth and height.

What are your thoughts?

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