Posted by: John | December 7, 2014

Old Notebook Stuff

We are where we are
because of where we’ve been.
It may have been saintly;
it could have been sin.
They may have been strangers,
or they could have been kin.


May we find that place where
the ego never flies
where all we see are blue
and cloudless skies
and all we hear
is the silence of our sighs.

We’ll have no need
to offer up our share
of constant whys
or pick and choose
from a string
of constant lies.


Some seek their messiahs behind
the monitors of this multimedia age;
I’ll seek the second coming
somewhere inside myself.


We pirouette through life
giving and taking energy
from each other like
the push and pull
of the heavenly bodies
in constant orbit.


Why does beauty prefer the beast?
Why does the calm accept the storm?


Pastel personalities are superficially attractive
as they are flimsy and difficult to define.


For most of us it’s something
to brag about if we do today
what we should have done yesterday.

What are your thoughts?

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