Posted by: Jivani Lisa | November 19, 2014

Stream Continued

Okay, here’s something fun! John and I love when poetry inspires more poetry. John’s most recent post, In the Stream, inspired my friend and spiritual buddy, Brother Leo Campos from the Community of Solitude, to send me a response poem. We ended up with a neat little poetry exchange we decided to share here. Enjoy!


In the stream of my life,
— Flotsam —
Debris from upstream
Washing slowly down
Until the bend swallows them from sight

Occasionally some treasure. Trapped
In roots of the mango trees

Floating past
What has this exposed wreckage
To do with the fisherman watching
Sitting quietly under the shade
Not good, not bad
Just like clouds in the water
Obscuring the fish


exposed wreckage
being watched
not good not bad


Fish swims
Unaware of good or bad
Fisherman ignores the flotsam
Only: fish


Fisherman: Be quiet! Sh….
Fish: Work
Flotsam: Ahh….


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