Posted by: Jivani Lisa | October 30, 2014

The Struggle

“Christianity isn’t a narcotic that dulls you into obedience. It involves battle – it’s excruciating to give up control. But that is why we must not feel despair if we are struggling. To struggle does not mean we are incorrigible. It means we are alive!… Heaven will not be filled with innocent people running around saying, ‘Oh, was there another way? I guess I never noticed.’ Rather they will say, ‘You bet there were other options that begged to control me. By God’s grace and my struggle, Jesus is my Lord.'”
— Rebecca Manley Pippert, “More Myself” in Women’s Devotional Bible

Give up control
Resist Satan’s traps
Struggle without despair
Trust the Father
Crucified with Christ
Death leads to life
Christ died
Christ lives in me
I trust

What are your thoughts?

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