Posted by: Jivani Lisa | April 15, 2014

Outward/Inward Being is One

“I and my Father are one.”  (John 10:30)

The word “yoga” means union.  It means bringing things together.  How we choose to interpret this depends on where we are on our journey at this point.  For me, originally it meant:  Union of body and mind.  Later, it meant, “union of body and breath.”  Then:  Union of body, mind and spirit.  Now, for me it means:  Union with God.  I believe that is the ultimate purpose of Yoga practice – a practice that has existed for thousands of years.  Some people choose to move in that direction, while other people choose to focus on getting a physical workout.  There’s no right or wrong answer.  Well, perhaps the only possible “wrong” answer is staying stuck in our practices and our beliefs – refusing to grow and change into maturity.

Jesus said:  “I and my Father are one.”  That’s Union.  That’s what Yoga means by Union.  Therefore, Jesus was a Yogi (see Paramahansa Yogananda’s The Yoga of Jesus).  Christians believe that the only way to God the Father is through Jesus Christ.  However, Christians also believe in the Trinity – Father, Son and Holy Spirit – who is One.  So – it seems to me that we can get to union with God through any part of the Trinity, since the Trinity really cannot be divided.  Some folks may choose to go through Jesus Christ, while others relate more to the action of the Holy Spirit in their lives.  Plus, who says we can’t just go directly to God the Father?  That’s what Hindu Yogis do.  That’s what Jews do as well.

I have a meditative phrase that I’ve been using off and on in my yoga classes for years:  “May our outward and inward being become One.”  Today I saw the connection of that prayer to Jesus’ statement, “I and my Father are One.”  Jesus realized his union with God, his inward Being.  Aspiring yogis are moving in that direction, reaching out for God Who is first reaching for us.  We love God because God loves us first.  Eventually, we’ll no longer be so aware of self and God; we’ll simply be aware of Love, of Union.  All that seems separate will appear as they truly are, as One.


  1. After reading your comments on ‘ I and my Father are one” I cannot agree with you on some of what you say. Yoga should not and do not mean union with God, union with God is a faith base intimate relationship with God. It is more than just sitting still listening to your heart beat it is an everyday interaction with people doing the things Jesus tough us to do while walking on earth.

    The next thing is the only way to God the father is through Jesus, Jesus himself said so in the bible. When He made that statement he ment our spiritual being after we leave this world and that would be believing in Jesus before we die. Secondly God is a God of order so we cannot go to any part of the trinity as we feel. The spiritual part of the trinity can only be reached through spiritual connection.

    The trinity cannot be divided but it can be separated and thats what was done when Jesus walk the earth. You say, ‘Who says we can’t just go to God directly’ well the bible does. We can only talk to Him directly by speaking in tongue and even then we do not know what we actually say when we do.
    This is my take on the matter.

    • Thanks Bruno! You are certainly entitled to your opinion. I am not going to argue with you. It’s simply that I see more layers, more possibilities, than you do. I’m not convinced that only Christians are “saved” because they “believe” in Jesus. What does that really mean anyway? God is the One who sees our heart, our intention, our love. Peace be with you!

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