Posted by: Jivani Lisa | December 12, 2013

Silent Worship

“Silence, all mankind, in the presence of the LORD!  For he stirs forth from his holy dwelling.”
(Zechariah 2:17)

Some years ago, while immersed in deep prayer, I realized that if everyone on earth simultaneously stopped everything they were doing, became silent, and worshiped the LORD in their hearts, the world (all of creation) would come to an end.  Why?  Because creation would have attained the end for which it was brought into being:  To voluntarily return to the LORD.

However, the Bible says this will not happen.  Human beings will NOT voluntarily return to the LORD.  Well, at least a majority of people will continue to follow their own desires rather than turn sincerely to the LORD.  Therefore, the world, the elements,  will be destroyed in fire (cf. 2 Peter 3:10).  Nuclear war?  Maybe.  An asteroid?  Maybe.  But we can’t claim we didn’t know.

Those who love the LORD have nothing to fear.  Yes, the world will be destroyed by fire.  But the souls of the just will be with God (cf. Wisdom 3:1) because they voluntarily chose the LORD in this life.

So, let us love Him and worship Him in the silence of our hearts – knowing that perfect love casts out all fear (cf. 1 John 4:18).

What are your thoughts?

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