Posted by: Jivani Lisa | December 6, 2013

Seeking Without Knowing

“They shall keep my name holy;
they shall reverence the Holy One of Jacob,
and be in awe of the God of Israel.
Those who err in spirit shall acquire understanding,
and those who find fault shall receive instruction.”

(Isaiah 29:23-24)

“Help all mankind, LORD, in your loving mercy,
be near to those who seek you without knowing it.”

(from Morning Prayer for Friday of the first week of Advent)

In Morning Prayer today, we ask God to be near those people who are seeking and yearning without really knowing what it is they seek.  If we’re honest with ourselves, we can admit that we’re seeking “something;” we instinctively know something is missing in our lives.  We try to fill that empty spot within ourselves with all sorts of things:  money, power, possessions, alcohol, food, sex, entertainment – the list is endless.  Yet, we’re never satisfied, or certainly never satisfied for very long.

We can never be fully satisfied in this life because our emptiness is meant to be filled with God.  When we choose to hold our emptiness open to God, then God is able to come to us; we experience a deep sense of peace, love, joy and contentment.  This is a foretaste of the full satisfaction we will find in heaven.

Isaiah tells us that at the end of time, all people will “be in awe of the God of Israel” – who is the God of everyone.  At that time, everyone will understand the Truth.  God will instantly reveal everything.  Those who have been stuck in spiritual errors and busy finding fault with those who love God, will finally understand everything.  They will smack their own forehead and exclaim:  “Oh!  Now I see.  It’s so simple, why didn’t I get it before?”

At the end of time, all divisions and misunderstandings will cease.  We will clearly see that we are all one, all of creation is one in Christ in God.

What are your thoughts?

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