Posted by: Jivani Lisa | October 26, 2013

God Speaks in Creation

I sit alone
on the wooden bench
near river’s edge
surrounded by juniper.
The quiet, cool evening
invites me into
Your presence.
Sacred silence calls
my yearning heart to You.

So I simply love You.
That’s all.

In my loving, You know
my needs, hear
my prayers for Your children.

When my gaze returns
to Your creation,
I see earth, water, trees,
sunlight reflected
from water onto boughs.

Leaves, branches dance
in the light – life, energy
coursing through rich sap.
Everything vibrates
with Your life force within.

Earth, water, sun, air
move through my veins
making me one with creation
and with You,
our loving Creator.

Grateful tears flow
for Your loving response
to feeble love
and for answered prayers.
All is complete.

What are your thoughts?

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