Posted by: John | June 24, 2013

On the Road

In riding around with Lisa in her little Smart car, I’ve had more time to observe the way most people drive.  There seems to be very little planning ahead.  Drivers will cut across any number of lanes to exit.  If a sign indicates the lane ends ahead, instead of slowing down and getting into the adjacent lane as soon as possible, most drivers stay in the lane they’re in, hoping to get ahead of other drivers.  Of course that means they must come to a complete stop somewhere soon and wait for another driver to slow down and let them into the lane they should’ve entered when the sign was posted.  It’s a ME, ME, ME world on the freeways.

Also it’s apparent that many drivers resent Lisa’s little car.  Although there’s never a “whip lash” issue on initial acceleration, the little car holds its own once traffic starts moving.  Many huge gas-guzzling SUVs will speed-up to get in front of us only to need to stop at an obvious red light three car lengths ahead.  They can’t have her cute little foreign car be ahead of them.  I have to wonder if these drivers live their lives the way they drive – with no looking ahead, no consideration of others, thinking only of themselves.

But there’s always that small percentage of drivers who are considerate and patient of those who are not.  Just as in life, those Buddha-like, Christ-like few enable the rest of us to exist.

What are your thoughts?

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