Posted by: Jivani Lisa | September 17, 2012

Quiet the Brain

Earlier this year, I seriously considered going back to college to earn a Master’s in Humanities.  I wondered how I could ever afford to do so.  Then I checked out some of the practice questions for the GRE (test required by graduate schools).  My brain nearly had a seizure just glancing at the questions!  I thought, is it really necessary to intellectualize to that extent?  Isn’t it possible to learn and study without being so left-brain focused?  I made my decision:  No graduate school for me.

This past Saturday a dear friend – my former mother-in-law – passed away.  She was a woman filled with the virtues of patience, peacefulness, humility, forgiveness and compassion.  She never went to college.  Her heart was filled with love for God and love for everyone.  She loved attending church but didn’t care at all to discuss theology or dogma.  She had all she needed to be a good person and live a good life.

I’ve spent years trying to quiet my brain that loves to intellectualize.  Yes, I love learning new things – but I can study on my own, at my own pace, without the need for examinations and grading systems.  I can have philosophical discussions with friends and family when it suits me.

There is really only one thing necessary in this life:  love.  Too much thinking and too much talking can become serious distractions from our goal to love.

Let us fearlessly quiet the brain – especially the left brain – when it tries to turn everything into a discussion or a debate.  In that quiet place, intuition and compassion blossom.

Judy, rest in peace.  You are my inspiration.  Your loving heart knows God’s love.

What are your thoughts?

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