Posted by: Jivani Lisa | August 26, 2012

The Cider Mill (Sestina)

Adam and Eve, plus the apple,
severed, they say, our union
with God. Mysterious tree
of knowledge, set to growing
at Garden’s center – sole
woe of humans in life’s flow.

But at the cider mill, a flowing
timelessness: Crush of apples
to quench mortal thirst. My soul
finds peace in memories of union
with God – in other lives grown
like vines in my mind. Apple trees,

Heavy with fruit: We know trees
give life. Rippling river flows,
carrying to grass, flowers, growth-
promises, and ripening apples
under autumn’s sun. This unity
within nature consoles my soul.

What use to question the sole
purpose of life or the tall trees
of our karma? I know reunion
is our goal, to re-enter the flow:
Making peace with tempting apples,
we master lessons for growth.

Sweet cider, crisp air, my growing
calm beside water-wheel’s soul-
expanding comfort. Cider of apples
opens my mind like branches of trees,
welcoming heaven. Even a tart fluid,
now, has full potential to unite

Me with You. My God, you are Unity
in Trinity. The past, the future, grow
together in the present – flowing
beyond monasteries in my soul.
Karmic debt nailed to a tree,
my palm offers a shiny apple.

You created the apple as well as the tree.
You freed our souls in time’s ongoing flow:
My heart, grown, praises for reunion.

What are your thoughts?

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