Posted by: Jivani Lisa | July 9, 2012

Finding Freedom

Ever spinning, this hamster wheel of life
makes me long for quiet of the forest –
traps me within a world of endless strife
where we, the weary, can never find rest.

Longing for calm and quiet of the forest –
the smell of pine and stickiness of cones –
where can we, the weary, ever find rest?
I dream of new life for these dry bones.

Pine scent and stickiness of cones,
the crunch of pine needles under my feet –
I dream about new life for my dry bones.
I long for breezy shelters from day’s heat.

The crunch of pine needles under my feet,
the daily call to sit on crab-apple boughs –
I relied on such shelters from day’s heat,
and trust I’ll find them again somehow.

I heard a call to sit on crab-apple boughs
and make a meditation cushion of oak roots.
These places will be re-found somehow,
as in Springtime we find fresh shoots.

Let the world go on without me,
release me from painful, endless strife.
I’ll settle into a compassionate tree,
free from the hamster wheel of life.

What are your thoughts?

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