Posted by: Jivani Lisa | June 12, 2012

Prayer for God’s Light

Lord God, I desire Your Light, Your Truth, Your Love – but I fear that the darkness is too much for me.  This world is dark; my soul is dark.

In this life, we are surrounded and filled with confusion, uncertainty, chaos.  Things are not what they seem.  There is terror everywhere.  Lord, have mercy on us!  Free us from our self-designed imprisonment, open our eyes, take away every obstacle that keeps us from You.  We want only You – even when we think we want other things.  Lord, please console us in our misery.  Take away our sense of terror that paralyzes us.  Increase our faith that You are always with us, guiding us by Your never-failing Light.  Amen.  AUM

What are your thoughts?

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