Posted by: Jivani Lisa | June 8, 2012

Catholic Fundamentalists

Apparently, the Pope believes (and desires) the Catholic Church will undergo “a pruning” before moving into a phase of incredible growth.  Folks who don’t agree with the teachings and dogmas are expected to either conform or get out (and rot in hell).  Once the Church is pruned of “progressives,” “liberals,” and “rebels” – including the “rogue” nuns –  it will be made up of nothing but ultra-conservatives.  This has been the Pope’s true intention for years.

These ultra-conservative Catholics (who will be the only true “Catholics”) then expect to convert many people to their religion.  The Catholic Church will be just another fundamentalist religion.  For now, the only thing keeping it from fundamentalism is the “progressives, liberals and rebels.”

Just what the world needs, huh?  More fundamentalists.  More people who are convinced that their way is the only way, who are committed to forcing their way on others, who are prepared to die (become martyrs) for their beliefs.

When will humanity learn the important lesson that creating more divisions and distinctions is not the answer to our problems?  The Catholic Church doesn’t seem to understand it’s moving in the wrong direction.  Salvation is found in striving for unity, peace, understanding and compassion.

It’s not too late.  Let us pray….


  1. It makes me sad. It seemed that John Paul made so many advances and encouraged so many to come to faith and to express their faith in practical ways and all of that is being undone now.

    • Yeah, I liked JPII as well, but even then Ratzinger (now Pope Benedict XVI) was controlling many things from behind the scenes. Also, I’m disturbed about stories that JPII knew but did nothing about pedophile priests. Perhaps his hands were tied in some way?

      Regarding Benedict: Several people on the internet have commented that his eyes look “evil.” It’s true. He scares me. A holy person’s eyes don’t look cold and dead like his do. A holy person’s eyes are deep and full of peace, love, joy and compassion.

      God help us!

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