Posted by: Jivani Lisa | April 10, 2012

Are You Ready?

As I entered the elevator at work, I overheard part of a conversation between two gentlemen who were exiting.  One man was saying something about his wife’s work and possible retirement.  He summed up with: “I’m not quite ready for it.”

This statement caused my mind to start spinning about all the things in life (the so-called positive things as well as the so-called negative things) that we’re never “quite ready for.”  Such as: 

*  college

*  marriage

*  birth of a child

*  illness

*  buying a house

*  a new project

*  our spouse’s (or even our own) affair

*  divorce

*  surgery

*  children moving out on their own

*  caring for elderly or ill parents

*  a new career

*  a smaller house

*  retirement

*  death

Isn’t it amazing that, regardless of how well we think we’ve planned, life always manages to catch us by surprise?  If only we could lighten up and take each twist and turn as part of the fun, part of the adventure!  After all, if life always went according to our well-ordered plans, how would we ever learn the lessons we really need to learn?

What are some of your recent surprises and how have you managed to flow with them?  How have you grown or experienced unexpected blessings?

What are your thoughts?

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