Posted by: John | March 19, 2012

Drive-thru Yoga

Since we now have as many yoga studios as we have fast food joints, maybe it’s time for drive-thru yoga.  The driver would only have to move his or her seat back for more room.

Here’s a sample menu:
             FORWARD FOLD—-$1.00
             EAGLE ARMS——–$1.50
             COW FACE ARMS—$3.00
             SEATED TWIST——$2.00
             HAMSTRING STRETCH (on steering wheel)—$3.00
             FIGURE FOUR HIP STRETCH—-$4.00
             SAVASANA (recline seat)—–$1.00  (with chanting OM–$2.00 extra)
And after the practice the driver hears, “Have a Namaste!”
OM Shanti, Shanti, Shanti

What are your thoughts?

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