Posted by: Jivani Lisa | March 10, 2012


John and I have yet to take a real vacation – and we certainly have no plans to go anywhere exotic.  Later this year, we hope to make a short trip to Monongah, WV to pay our respects to my great-grandfather and the other men and boys who perished in the 1907 coal mining disaster.  That place and that story remain sacred to me, especially after my own visit there in 2010.

So, in lieu of a regular vacation, I take micro-vacations every day.  Before and after my Yoga classes on the fourth floor of Dominion Tower in Norfolk, I spend some time gazing out the window at the Elizabeth River.  Sometimes the water is calm and sometimes it’s choppy.  Sometimes the scene is clear and sunny, while on other days it’s gray and cloudy.  The ferry is always there, shuttling back and forth to Portsmouth.

Driving home from work in the evening, I have several routes I could take.  I choose the path that takes me over a long bridge so I can see the water, boats, and the houses along the shore.  I drink in the sight, smile, and take a few deep breaths.  I connect with a sense of contentment.

I think:  All is well. 

Such micro-vacations give my soul a sense of freedom and satisfaction.  They keep gratitude alive in my heart.  They remind me of the many blessings awaiting my acknowledgment each day.  Thanks be to God!


  1. […] At work, our computer uses one of my favorite standard desktop background photos:  Tropical ocean with palm-tree-dotted islet and white sailboat.  I like to close out whatever windows were open and just stare at the photo as a kind of Micro-Vacation. […]

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