Posted by: Jivani Lisa | February 6, 2012

In Silence

I’ve been keeping my mouth shut lately (or rather, keeping my fingers off the keyboard) because there’s something beautiful about silence.  Now I’m here to encourage you to find quiet times and places to nurture your soul.

For example, you could enjoy your morning cup of coffee without reading the newspaper or watching the news.  You could drive to and from work without listening to music, audio books, etc.  You could take a stroll outdoors at lunchtime.

Best of all, you could sit quietly and focus on the flow of your breathing for 5-10 minutes each morning and each evening before retiring to bed.  There is such peace (the peace of God) to be found in meditation.

Here’s some inspiration from Paramahansa Yogananda (taken from Man’s Eternal Quest):

“You are soul.  You can consciously know your soul – your true self – by meditation.  And when you know yourself as soul, you will have discovered the presence of God within you.  The moon’s reflection cannot be seen clearly in ruffled water, but when the water’s surface is calm, a perfect reflection of the moon appears.  So with the mind:  when it is calm you see clearly reflected the mooned face of the soul.  As souls we are reflections of God.  When by meditation techniques, we withdraw restless thoughts from the lake of the mind, we behold our soul, a perfect reflection of Spirit, and realize that the soul and God are One.”

May we commune with God daily in deep physical and mental silence.


  1. Last Friday I went to Meeting for Worship at Friends School in Virginia Beach. They sit in silence for 20 minutes as part of the Quaker tradition of worship.

    • That sounds wonderful! I used to attend the monthly meetings of the Secular Carmelites (within the Catholic Church) and they do the same thing.

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