Posted by: Jivani Lisa | December 28, 2011

One With God

Today, I found this beautiful passage in The Imitation of Christ (Book III, Chapter 34):

“‘ My God and my all!’ Enough is said to him that understands; and it is delightful to him that loves to repeat it often. For when Thou art present, all things yield delight; but when Thou art absent, all things are loathsome. Thou givest tranquility to the heart, and great peace and pleasant joy. Thou makest us to think well of all and praise Thee in all things.”

I know intellectually that my soul is one with God as a wave is one with the ocean – and yet when I cannot experience that oneness (which is most of the time), then I feel that I am separated from God. I think this is the experience of most people. It’s easy to say we are one with God, but do we really experience that oneness?

What are your thoughts?

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