Posted by: Jivani Lisa | August 30, 2011

My Interpretation of ‘The Rapture’

Religion and spirituality both exist to help advance our level of consciousness if we know how to connect to their essence.  Human consciousness is understood to be at a higher level than that of brute beasts (although sometimes we wonder!).

Since the beginning, all life has been evolving into higher and higher levels of consciousness.  This evolution continues in human beings.  The Bible – and many other spiritual works – was written during the period of mythological consciousness which lasted for thousands of years and still has a strong influence (not necessarily in a negative way).  Rational consciousness has dominated for the past 600 years, bringing science and technology to the forefront.

Human beings are now moving into a more intuitive/psychic level of consciousness.  There are people from every country, every socio-economic status and every religion who are moving into this higher level.  They are being “caught up” into this place of promise.  Will this happen abruptly in 2012?  In my opinion, no.  It’s something that is already happening.

There are many people who can appreciate both mythology and rationality in some areas of life and yet sense that there is “more” to life, that humans are created for more.  All of us are being invited to open our hearts and minds, to grow beyond the narrow-mindedness that prevails in a world of rationality.

We are growing toward wholeness as individuals and as societies that encompass the entire world.  No single religion, nation, etc. will be “saved” alone.  We are meant to realize – beyond the intellect – that we are all One, we all dwell in the same eternal Oneness beyond space and time.  This is the true meaning of holiness – or wholeness.  May all people everywhere embrace it!

What are your thoughts?

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