Posted by: Jivani Lisa | July 13, 2011

A Religious Situation

I was looking through old email messages today and found this one from John.  I’d been talking about my ongoing desires to live in some kind of religious community.  Here’s his reply (from 2009):

“I know how you crave that religious situation, but there seem to be more immediate issues for you.  It seems sometimes like you always want to run off to some religious situation.  We are all walking religious situations.  What do you really expect to find there or at a hermitage or somewhere else that you cannot find inside yourself? That’s where you will wind up eventually anyway – inside yourself.  Be still…know [God].  Sometimes you seem to be running from yourself and there’s no reason why you should.  You’re the most beautiful and loving human I’ve ever known.”
It looks like my mission in life is to teach yoga.  That’s good, because for me, yoga is a kind of “religious situation.”

What are your thoughts?

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