Posted by: Jivani Lisa | May 6, 2011

My Bad Habit

When John and I met, we fell almost immediately into deep spiritual conversations.  He was glad, even relieved, to find someone who would talk about such things.  I told him I never tire of spiritual conversations.  He has found this to be true.

I love God and the world of spirit.  I believe we are on this earth to grow spiritually:  The outer circumstances of our lives – our trials and sorrows as well as our victories and joys – are there to teach us soul-lessons that bring us closer to God.

My bad habit is that I try to teach deep spiritual lessons to everyone.  My enthusiasm for spirituality prods me to share what I see as vital information for all people.

However, I am beginning to see that, although everyone has the potential for a deep spiritual life, not everyone is ready to access those levels of themselves.  Some people perceive spirituality as a threat:  The ego senses that it’s being asked to give up its habitual ways of viewing self, others and the world.  That can certainly feel scary.

Yet, there is such peace and freedom on the other side!  Trust your heart, your intuition, when you feel drawn to learn and try new things.  Your life can open in so many surprising ways!  (And please forgive me if I seem overly enthusiastic.)  Peace, love and joy to all!

What are your thoughts?

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