Posted by: John | April 1, 2011

Random Thoughts

I’ve used the F word all my life.  In the cultures I’ve inhabited (construction, military, etc.), the F word was a constant.  Indeed, it’s the only word that can be the subject, verb, adverb, object, and adjective of a single sentence.  Lately, I’m noticing I use it less and less.  Am I getting too old?  Has my meditation and mindfulness practice finally taken hold? Looking back, I find I’ve used the F word to express some strong emotion, usually anger.  There are, however, a number of unused clips of the F word lying around the floor of my vocabulary.  It’s my mantra of a sort to tell myself on occasion, “don’t let me use the F word.”


I wonder if MapQuest has directions on how to find yourself?  Probably not, unless you know where you are now or where you want to go.


It occurred to me that our culture is super-intent on bringing us outside ourselves.  After the PC revolution, we now have IPODs, IPADs, and HD television screens covering our walls.  We’re not allowed to look into ourselves.  Contemplation is considered a crime or too crude.  Somehow we must (each of us) find a place where we can safely put a sensory sack over our head and see how things are looking inside ourselves.  Each of us can do this through meditation.  We might find we need a spiritual Ctrl/Alt/Delete to make a change.


To have a mountain-top experience, you must first spend time in the valley.


The closer you are to the mountain, the steeper it looks.


From the mountain-top, it’s easier to see other mountains, small or large.


  1. ‘F’ for ‘Fantastic’ posting on today’s contemplations – lol!

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