Posted by: John | March 9, 2011

Flying Metaphors

While flying the other night, my student and I saw the Nav (navigation) lights of another aircraft. I explained to the student how, since the red light is on the left wingtip and the green light is on the right wingtip, you could tell if the other aircraft was coming toward you or going away. I couldn’t help but think to myself, how neat it would be if we could tell when other people were coming toward us or going away from us in spirit.

Of the six flight instruments (Airspeed Indicator, Vertical Speed Indicator, Altimeter, Turn Indicator, Attitude Indicator, and Heading Indicator), the Attitude Indicator is very important when flying in clouds. Before the days of auto-pilots, it was called an Artificial Horizon; it was all the pilot had to keep the airplane flying properly as there were no references outside the aircraft. When there are no references outside me in living my life, I must look inside myself at my Internal Horizon, my Maker, to keep myself on course.


  1. Great analogy!

  2. I appreciate your analogy greatly! I think you’re going to like my upcoming book: Flying Lessons: How to Be the Pilot of Your Own Life. The whole thing is based on the flying metaphor for those on a spiritual path!

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