Posted by: John | January 23, 2011

More Musings

Oh baby, let’s catch this thermal under that puffy little cloud. We’ll go as high as is allowed. We’ll feel so proud. The wind outside won’t be so loud.


It’s better for me to be a non entity – That will keep the ego from coming out of me – No patches, pictures, books for anyone to see – Maybe then I can get to what’s really me – If that’s what I want to be.


Firefly, firefly. I’m so glad to see you. With all the pesticides I thought there wouldn’t be you.


I’d like to be under canopy.

    No one but me.

I’d be so free –

     What would I see?


Our landscape is dotted with whineries and shrink tanks. We seek outside ourselves for answers to problems deep within ourselves. Our yellow pages offer so-called cures for our rages. Talking heads think they know it all, just who to blame for our fall. But I want to know:  Who does the software in the halls of Shambala?


I’m looking for a place where there is no thought

     where there are no battles to be fought

     where the future is not bought

     where only the moment is caught. 


As a man seeth himself, so shall he become.


Every man has the right to seek and to grapple with his own truth. If this right is taken away, he loses his most valued freedom and responsibility – that of seeking his own truth himself.


What are your thoughts?

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