Posted by: John | December 22, 2010

Spiritual Check Lists

The human mind is not infallible. For that reason, check lists are used in flying to prevent the omission of something important. Lists are printed out and the hard copy stays in the aircraft. Often, an acronym is recited as a memory aid. CIFFTRS comes to mind:

C – controls free and correct

I – flight instruments set

F – fuel on proper tank; and fuel pump on

F – flaps set for take-off

T – trim set for take-off

R – run-up

S – seat belts on and doors shut

I wondered about a possible spiritual check list.  GRACE is good:

G – God.  Are you ready for communication with God?

R – relax.  Let all your tension dissolve.

A – attitude.  Are you peaceful rather than angry; trusting rather than afraid? 

C – compassion.  Share love for all people and all of God’s creation.

E – empathy.  Remain aware of the trials other people endure.  All life is interconnected.

What are your thoughts?

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