Posted by: Jivani Lisa | November 25, 2010

The Evidence

A friend asked me how we can know whether our spiritual practices – whatever they may be – are actually working.  This is a good question because many times it may seem that nothing is happening and we may begin to wonder if our practices are pointless.

The short answer is this:  We should have a sense, over time (i.e., months and years), that we are making progress. 

Spiritual progress is usually very slow so it’s not uncommon to become discouraged.  However, overall, as we look back on our lives and especially on the time period of our conscious spiritual practices, we should notice that we are getting better.  This does not mean that we never make mistakes.  We will always be fallible human beings no matter how far we progress on the spiritual journey.

In general, we should notice things like:  We are able to control our angry outbursts or judgemental thoughts; our relationships with others are more harmonious; we feel more peaceful and balanced as we go about our days; and especially, our sense of compassion is growing.  These things are the evidence that our practices are working.

We remind ourselves that we carry peace, love and joy within ourselves because:  We are made in the image of God.  May we always be grateful for our many blessings – including the blessings of our spiritual practices.

What are your thoughts?

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