Posted by: John | November 15, 2010

Too Much Yoga?

Ever wonder if you might be obsessed with yoga, if maybe you do too much yoga?  To be safe, ask yourself the following questions:

Are your downdogs making you want to chase cars?

Do you find yourself hissing after cobra pose?

Do you feel like mooing after cow?

Do you need to leave droppings while doing pigeon?

Does eagle make you want to attack a rodent?

Can you keep from multiplying after doing rabbit?

Do you feel mean and green after crocodile pose?

Do you start purring after doing cat?

Do you feel like climbing trees after monkey pose?

Does fish pose make you seek a meal of worms?

If you answered “yes” to five or more of the questions, the cure is to practice only corpse pose (savasana) for the next 14 days.

What are your thoughts?

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