Posted by: John | September 29, 2010

Spirit and Life

In the beginning was the word. And the word was with God, and the word was God.  Then came the bean counters and the word was lost in translation — as was God.


Circus Side-show for the Soul:

Meditation Mine Field; Depression Valley:  Pick Your Poison; Religious Rides For All Denominations; Ferris Wheel of Free Will; Guru Booth; Cotton Candy for the Subconscious; Merry-Go-Round of Mysticism


I’m looking for a place where there is no thought

     where there are no battles to be fought

     where the future is not bought

     where only the moment is caught.


Turn the page.   

Close the cage –

     in outrage.

Find another sage.


There’s not a guru behind every tree.  

     Look inside and you will see.

Inhale and let it be.

What are your thoughts?

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